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Do something amazing and jump for Charity. Combine the best 60 seconds of your life with raising money for a great cause.

You will need to raise a minimum of £350 for your chosen charity. The cost of £230 for your Skydive will come out of the money you raise.

Choose your charity then contact them for sponsorship forms.
Alternatively you could choose our charity of the year.
The charity of choice for 2015 is Cash For Kids

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Thank you very much for coming up and jumping with us. We hope you will remember your experience for many years to come. Please feel free to leave us a comment using the form on our guestbook page. We hope to see you again soon!

If you feel that you would like to become a qualified Skydiver, Black Knights Parachute Centre has courses that can help you acheive your goal.

Thank you again and we'll see you in the sky!

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The idea of jumping out of a plane might seem terrifying to many people, especially those that are afraid of heights. However, thousands of people in the UK not only try skydiving, but do it again and again.

Part of this fantastic experience that comes along with flying across the sky is the confidence and adrenaline rush that goes along with attempting an extreme sport. Plus you don't have to suffer through months of physical training to go skydiving, you just have to take a deep breath and commit to trying it.

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"I'm now a qualified solo skydiver, so what now?"

So you did it, you're now qualified. This is where the fun really starts! It's time to develop the skills to enable you to skydive with others. Speak to any of our instructors or coaches or contact us for more information.

We have information on training, progression, coaching and competing.

Whatever you want to work on, we will be able to provide all the help you need.

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Once you have qualified and have achieved some of your goals, you might decide to work towards some of the more advanced skydiving disciplines.

There are many options to choose from such as Formation Skydiving big ways, Freestyle Skydiving, Freefly Groups, Wingsuiting, Tracking Groups, Canopy Formation and Swooping to name just a few.

Here at Black Knights Parachute Centre, we are commited to offering the best advice and coaching possible in order for you to progress safely.

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Great discounts on Friday Tandems!!

Black Knights Parachute Centre are now offering discounted rates on Tandem Skydives from 7000ft for as little as £150! To take advantage of this limited Friday's only offer and for more information on Tandem Skydives, please click here. For prices and options, click here.

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It's the ultimate adrenaline rush

Whether you're looking to do a tandem skydive, student skydive, sponsored skydive raising money for charity, fulfilling a long-held ambition or determined to succeed in a new sport, our Northwest UK Drop Zone brings you The Highest Skydive in the UK and has the experience to help you achieve new heights.

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The highest skydive in the UK!

Black Knights Parachute Centre is now the home to the amazing 208 Blackhawk. This powerful turbine aircraft takes us to 15'000ft from sea level in around 14 minutes with 16 people on board making us the highest skydive in the UK.

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Wingsuiting at Black Knights Parachute Centre

Wingsuiting is now a recognised skydiving discipline in the UK. We have a growing number of 'flockers' who regularly pilot their wingsuits from 15'000ft with amazing views over the bay and the lakes. For more information on how to start Wingsuiting, please click here.

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Multiple disciplines at Black Knights Parachute Centre

We can offer load organising, coaching, training advice and support for all Skydiving disciplines including Formation, Freefly, Wingsuiting, Canopy Formation and Accuracy. We have on site accommodation and we always welcome groups and teams.

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Personalised Gift Vouchers

Whether its a tandem voucher, freefall course voucher or a static line course voucher. We can tailor it to your needs. All vouchers include mandatory British Parachute Association provisional membership. Click here for more information

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2015 calendar for tandem availability...

BKPC are dealers for Parachute Systems and Vortex Containers

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DVD and Handycam packages available on the day.