Frequently Asked Questions)

Skydiving is an all day event. Due to weather conditions and how busy we are on the day, we can not predict an accurate time for your jump. You must expect to spend the whole day with us to complete your jump.

Comfortable casual/sports clothing is advised with pumps/training type shoes that can be laced up securely. Please no boots.

The cost of your tandem skydive is for a jump from 11,000ft. You can upgrade to 15,000ft, on the day, for an additional £40. If you decide to have the jump videoed, the upgrade is only £20.

Yes you can. The cost for video and stills is £120. You get your own personal camera man to video your experience and give you anything from 80 to 120 high quality images . You also get to leave with it on the day just half an hour after you land.

If your jump is cancelled, you will be asked to rearrange the jump as soon as possible. There are no refunds.

If you give us more than 14 days notice you will not be charged. Less than 14 days there wil be a rebooking fee of £50.

Yes you can but please be aware that this could be an all day event and spectators could get bored very quickly. Please make them aware of this. If you bring small children, there is not a lot for them to do and can become restless very quickly, if you are waiting a long time to jump.

Yes there is, serving hot and cold snacks all day and a large picnic area

Yes, absolutely. There is a charge of £150 to do a second jump on the day or if you pay a £50 deposit, you can come back on another day of your choice.

Right on the doorstep is Pattys Barn. A lovely set of holiday cottages that can sleep 1 to 8 people. Just give Margaret a call on 01524 751825. Also just down the road is The Mill. A very picturesque hotel with a great restaurant and fabulous rooms. Tel: 01524 752852 

We have several booking in times, 8am, 10am, midday and 2pm. Your arrival time will be given to you upon booking. Please be aware though, your booking in time is not your jump time.

You will receive a minimum of 20 mins training before your jump from one of the Tandem Instructors.

From April 2016 two BPA Tandem Student Parachutist medical form 115 A &amp; B have now replaced the previous form 115 BPA medical form. The form 115A is for those Tandem Parachutist who are able to self declare; Form 115B Student Tandem Parachutist Request For Medical Advice is for those Tandem Parachutist who do not meet the requirements on Form 115A.</p> <p>The requirement to have the Form 115 completed by your Doctor if aged 40+ has now been removed.

Anyone over the age of 16 can do a tandem skydive.

Yes you can. See our <a href="#" title="Charities">Charity page</a> for details.

Alcohol is *strictly forbidden* during operational hours for jumpers and spectators. Anyone jumping that smells of alcohol will NOT be able to jump and no refund will be given. Anyone seen with alcohol will be asked to leave the premises.

Unfortunately, due to insurance and safety, dogs are not allowed on the drop zone. The only exception is a guide dog.