Accelerated Freefall)

Accelerated Freefall (AFF) is a training system for those who are really serious about becoming a Skydiver in a short time. AFF is an intensive course, so you will be in a small group or possibly on your own with an instructor, ensuring individual attention.

The programme is termed ‘Accelerated’ because the learning process is faster than alternative training systems.

Due to its intensive nature AFF is at its best when you can commit a continuous period of time to the whole training course and jumps. Substantial breaks in training or long weather delays can often impact your performance and progression and can raise additional training / re-jump costs. We generally offer AFF courses in the summer months when there is the likelihood of better long term weather, please talk to us about AFF and see if it’s right for you.

Based on eight levels of achievement, normally one skydive at each level, AFF is designed to take place over a full week. Given good weather, the course may sometimes be completed in a few days. After graduating from AFF you perform ten additional consolidation jumps, guided by your instructors, practising the skills you have learned, after which you will be recognised as a qualified solo skydiver.
The course commences with a day of ground based tuition with your instructor. This covers the theory and practice of skydiving and the use of your parachute system. You will learn safety procedures, how the equipment operates, how to exit the aircraft with your Instructors, how to maintain control and communicate in freefall, how to initiate the opening of the main parachute, and how to steer down to the landing area and land safely. Before your jumps you practise all the procedures for both your skydive and the parachute descent until your instructors are completely satisfied with your abilities.

When your Instructors are happy with your performance on the ground, you will make your first skydive with two Instructors holding on to you. They continue to teach you during freefall using a system of hand signals: following your jump a through debrief takes place with your Instructors, followed by remedial training both to improve skills learned already and add those required for the next jump.

You’ll then progress through each level up to level 8, which is an exit from 5,000ft, designed to simulate an aircraft emergency, whereby you exit and deploy your parachute within the first few seconds.

Once this is done, you will then be able to start your 10 consolidation jumps, available to purchase separately at the centre for £36 per jump.

This is where the fun beings, you are now despatched by an instructor, and entering the world of freefall by yourself! This is to practice what you’ve learnt so far and sharpen your skills, as once you have done these 10 consolidation jumps, you will then be a qualified A Licence Parachutist!



  • Ground School - 6 Hours
  • Levels 1-3 - Two Instructors
  • Levels 4-7 - One Instructor
  • Level 8 - Dispatch
  • Full brief and de-brief of each level assisted by instructor video
  • Parachute/rig hire and packing 
  • All ancillary equipment (e.g jumpsuit, googles, helmet and altimeter)
  • Temporary BPA association membership/third party insurance (P6)