Tandem Skydives


Weekends were made for adventure, so why not come and seek the thrill of a lifetime?

A Tandem Skydive costs £230 (on weekends and bank holidays) and is the best way to experience freefall and get a taste of this adrenaline fuelled extreme sport.


With this package, you have the option to upgrade to 15,000ft. Please visit the 15,000ft page for more information on this package.

Anyone over the age of 16 can book to take part in this amazing experience and jump with our fully qualified British Parachute Association instructors, reaching speeds of approximately 120mph.

We offer cheaper prices for jumps during the week (£199 Monday to Thursday£210 on Fridays to 11'000ft and £150 on Fridays to 7000ft ) and discounts on groups of 5 or more.

Our Tandem jumps are the highest in the UK, from 15,000ft, when you upgrade from our 11,000ft price. Please see prices for details.

Please note: Weight restrictions are as follows - Females 13st, Males 15st. BMI will be taken into account so please phone if you are over these limits, you may still be able to jump.

You can have your amazing experience captured on video, with one of our specialist camera flyers, who will follow and record your jump from walking to the plane, freefalling and landing before editing it to music, so you can show all your friends and family.

The cost for this is £120 and paid on the day.

Cameras and/or recording equipment are NOT permitted during your skydive apart from instructors and camera flyers.