The Big Day

The Big Day)

Finally, it’s the day of your jump. You’re all prepared and ready to go.

At Black Knights, there is much more to your day than just jumping out of a plane!

  • You’ll check in with our reception team, and most probably have time for a quick brew and maybe some breakfast.
  • You’ll then be called to meet with one of our instructors who will provide you with specialist ground training.  Here you will learn exactly what is required of you during your jump, and practise the positions your instructor will ask of you.
  • You’ll then go back and wait for your turn to be called.  This is a chance to watch the other parachutists, and your very last chance to add any extras to your jump such as DVD & Stills or the Ultimate Upgrade.
  • Once you are called to meet with your instructor, it’s now time to go! Your instructor will kit you up, and you will also meet your freefall photographer if you chose this option.
  • You’ll walk down to the plane, and wave to your adoring fans as you go!  We’ll get on board and fly up to altitude in our very own Cessna Grand Caravan.  This isn’t just any ordinary plane.  It is fitted with the BlackHawk engine upgrade, which means it will reach altitude in a matter of minutes.
  • Once at altitude, the door will open and it will all become real!  You’re about the jump out of a perfectly good aircraft! The adrenaline will start pumping as your instructor manoeuvres you towards the door to exit.
  • Then, before you know it, you’re out! Into freefall and rushing towards the earth at speeds of up to 130mph! Don’t forget to smile and wave at your freefall photographer, who you’ll soon see in front of you.  This is your time, so enjoy it!  Blow kisses, wave to the camera… remember, it’s easy to lip read so mind those swear words!
  • At 5,000ft, your instructor will deploy your parachute, and you’ll be able to speak and hear them as normal.  The canopy ride is something spectacular in its own right.  You’ll get a beautiful view of the coast, and even Blackpool tower in the distance.
  • The instructor will give you a taste of what it’s like to fly the parachute and do some turns and spirals.  Then you’ll come into land, still buzzing from the rush and the amazing accomplishment that you have just jumped from a perfectly good aircraft!