RAPS Single Jump Course

The Static Line Solo 1st Jump Course is a minimum of 6 hours training by a BPA approved Parachute Instructor to a class of a maximum of 12 students which covers:

  • Drop zone orientation
  • Documentation requirement and checks
  • Parachute Equipment
  • The stable parachuting body position
  • Aircraft and exiting techniques and aircraft emergency drills
  • Parachute canopy control and flight drills
  • Parachute malfunction recognition, emergency drills, harness drills
  • Abnormal and regular landing techniques
  • A knowledge review test

The Static Line Solo 1st Jump Course fee also includes:

  • Parachute equipment hire
  • Jump suit loan
  • 1st parachute jump and briefing
  • Skydive Starter Magazine
  • Personalised souvenir certificate

Our courses normally run on Saturdays commencing at 8.30am at the drop zone, conditions permitting you’ll make your 1st jump early that evening.

Unfortunately we can’t give you an accurate time as to when you will make your jump, we only allow parachute descents to be made when the weather conditions are safe and within the British Parachute Association’s operating procedure minimums.

Spectators are welcome  to come and watch you jump, however we ask you not to bring pets or alcohol onto the drop zone.

After completing your first static line jump you will have begun your progression towards your 1st solo freefall and ultimately a solo skydiving qualification under the BPA Ram Air Progression System (RAPS) and can continue to jump and learn by purchasing RAPS Student Jumps.

If you are really keen to get to grips with skydiving we recommend that you consider the 6 Jumps RAPS Freefall Course that combines the 1st Jump static line course with¬† 5 additional jumps and training. This 6 jump course is targeted to take the participant to his or her 1st Solo Freefall jump subject to their satisfactory progress against the British Parachute Association’s Ram Air Progression System (RAPS) Category System.

Static Line and Accelerated Free Fall

Essential forms you MUST fill out and bring with you on the day:

Form 115c – Solo student declaration form
Form 115d – Solo student medical advice form

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